Blankstrap Theme

Blankstrap Theme is a free, white labeled, and open source blank theme for RapidWeaver, based on Bootstrap 4. It was never easier to jump start with Bootstrap Development inside RapidWeaver than with this theme.
It is perfect if you are coming from a traditional RapidWeaver theme and want more freedom. It can be used with most of the inbuilt plugins, and will unleash with Stacks Plugin its full power.



Blankstrap Theme is a blank theme, but with additional and optional features to make you live easier in the wild.

If you need a blank theme with anything else, check out Void Theme.


Choose from a range of different themes based on the Bootswatch Project directly from the theme settings inside RapidWeaver.

With this, you get not only one theme, but over twenty different themes in one file.


Blankstrap theme contains an optional 1-level navigation bar, which can be turned on and off in the theme settings.

This gives you the availability to use most of the inbuilt plugins directly, or use a 3rd party navigation system, for example made by Big White Duck.


Inbuilt Font Awesome support for nicer icons.

Made to Code - if you want

Blankstrap Theme is build for simplicity, and no coding is required. But if you want to take it further, check the official Bootstrap Documentation for code snippets.

Theme Settings

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  • Choose between different predefined Bootswatch styles, or use the default Boostrap 4 style
  • If you have enabled the inbuilt navigation, you are able to change the color set. This gives you more styling possibilities. But take care, some combinations do not make sense ;-)

Content Container

  • Select there how the the body content should be fitted: none (edge-to-edge), container (large margins like here), or container fluid (for small margins)

Other Settings

  • Toogle the navigation bar
  • Display the logo (can be set up in the general project settings) inside the navigation bar
  • Include Font Awesome library


  • Some basic settings for background and text color

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